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physical therapy Prairie Path Wellness Chiropractic & Acupuncture Wheaton, IL 60187

Physical Therapy
Wheaton Chiropractor

For optimal performance and endurance


As a Chiropractor, we take a holistic approach to medicine and view each patient as a whole person, rather than just symptoms to be treated. Your health deserves proper care and attention, and we're able to provide.  After reducing pain, discomfort and limitations first, this is the critical next step in restoring wellness!


Specific postures, transitions, stretches and exercises are powerful agents, bringing positive changes to our well being. We prescribe safe, effective, individualized treatment plans with no pressure.


Just as a long journey begins with a single step, these supportive tools build lasting improvements, helping us to prevent future problems.  Our goal is always to walk with you towards greater wellness. Sometimes, the addition of a Chiropractic Adjustment is appropriate. 

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